Raining in My Heart ~ ♥

“Hej min bror och syster …
Jag kommer att sakna dig…
Vi träffas och separat på grund av Allah..
Tack och förlåt för allt… =’(

Oh My God…. It’s finally came. I almost cry at airport. But I hold it back and like usual, it’s raining and flooding.. just in my heart =’)

I’m Thanks Allah for everything.. for giving me this golden opportunity.. and ask forgiveness from Him.. over the inappropriate things that I’ve done..

Yasir, Ummu, Radi and I just came back from the airport -> Ampang Baru (Bro Yasir’s place with Wii things ♥, and Tarbush, KLCC etc) -> 11th college (checkout, Asmah’s laundry etc (>_<), and just now, I woke up from deep sleep (packing and chatting with all of you until 3.00 am last night hehe) and guess what, with all of you in the dream! Perhaps you are now have leave Qatar. Oh My God, I can’t believe it. It’ s being like a hole in my heart already..

Thanks and sorry for everything;

Ensar and Merima, Faid and Linea, Khadija, Chayma, Zuraiya Halimah, Asmah, Ayan, Naida, Sis Lejla, also Yasir…
And also to Ummu my dear, Radi and Ustaz Wan..
Also to Bro Bijairimi and Sis Yasmin, also Little Ilyas..
I want to repeat all these names in my whole life ♥
All of you are like my family already =’)
We are one on His name, on this beautiful religion and the rope of aqeedah..

I’m really thank you and sorry for everything..
Definitely for everything..
Being the only girl in family, I’m used as a shy and reserved person. I don’t get along very well with others at the beginning. I really am. Cause I need time to accept changes and new people. Especially man. And I’m so sorry if I didn’t talk much. And my English was also not so good, anyway It’s really bad actually. And when I start to like them, they must go. That’s why I’m so reserved. I didn’t know how to manage this love thing =)
Anyway I will not be sad anymore Insya Allah.
Cause I was bury all of you in my heart Insya Allah..
I will bring it everywhere..

I can’t give you much. Hope you’ll like the thing that I pass to Sis Zuraiya. And also the movie at Closing Ceremony… That’s all I can do. I’ll upload it later Insya Allah..
You know, when I made that movie, I searched for Sweden things a lot. And I just fell in love with Sweden especially the scenery and windmill things… I love that..

And thanks for inviting me to Sweden. They all said, that they gonna be my hotel, my transport, my driver, my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner.. Oh My God.. =’) I really hope for the travelling around the world because that was my passion. Insya Allah.. Rabbuna Yassir..

Oh My Lord, thanks once again...
All praises are only for You..
I learn lots from this short yet meaningful experience..

I do things that I never do before..
I went somewhere that I never went before..
I knew someone that I never knew before.. 
I eat something that I never eat before..
I learn something that I never learn before..
I have something that I never have before..
I experienced something that i never experienced before..
I gain something that I never gain before..
I feel something that I never felt before.. 

- Samordnare Syahadah, APIUM, Malaysia..
25 July 2011, 7.30 pm @ Villa Mujahidah, Petaling Jaya

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