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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


 Visit this url to learn language/use the service :)

 Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Recently I just managed to watch Korean Film entitled My Mighty Princess. And also Korean Drama Sassy Girl Chung Hyang. Well, not so much time recently to spare in watching movie. But it's worthy to enjoy it. :)

Well, actually I just love Korean drama and film since they burst out in Malaysia about in 2002. (By debut of Winter Sonata I think)
That time I don't like it at all. Because I stay in hostel, so my friends that live at home always have chit chat about them. Eu Jinn, Jung Sang and bla..bla..bla...

Then I went home and I firstly got sick of it. Because I hate the dubbing movie so much! No matter what kind of film, I just don't like them.
As for me, the real voice of the player is so much important. Just imagine a person who feels the sorrow but the other person is crying... quite funny. And the second reason is, what's wrong to learn other language? There are thousand of languages in this world. 
Just then I start to love Korean Drama by TV2 becoz they use the original version of Korean Drama. And that time is Wuri's Family (Jae Hee@Lee Hyun Kun as the youngest brother! Funny didn't even know he's so cool in Sassy Girl Chung Hyang). Korean language as first time heard was quite weird, but so interesting.

Ahh...I just love the language stuff! Maybe Allah gives me the talent in this field Alhamdulillah.. I do answer Quiz in Facebook regarding my hidden talent (although sometimes the quizzes and questions are crap n irrational). And they say my hidden talent is “Literature" :)

And Alhamdulillah for my Language Papers during UPSR, PMRU, PMR and also SPM, I always got A for them. Malay, English and Arabic. And I’m selected for Best Student for English paper in SPM. And during my years of Foundation at Nilam Puri, Alhamdulillah I got Band 5 for MUET. That’s the precious moment in my life.

Regarding my new job in Academy  of Islamic Studies, Department of Al-Qur’an and Hadith, as a fresh-dunno-anything Research Assistant for a kind dedicated Prof Dato’ Dr Zulkifli maybe it’s about “Language Stuff”. The article translation stuff. And I’m really happy with that. I hope I’m able to contribute something to ummah with the talents that Allah grant me.

Now I just learn 3 languages formally: Malay Language (of course the most fluent-plus variety of dialects-Kelate, Ganung, Peghak, Kedah etc) Then English with I dunno to describe (but I like the exercises to speak with slang among my friends glibly) N of course Arab Language (I just love them, It’s the language of al-Qur’an, the language of my prophet n the language in heaven  =)

And of course Indonesian language. I’m not so good in it but I think quite OK la.. Being a gud speaker by exercise through sinetron n song. huhu. But I want to learn more. I want to learn Chinese after this. I already bought some Mandarin dictionaries. Sometimes it’s quite annoying when we dunno what people nearby are talking about. And I want to understand them. I want to communicate with them. But it's really hard! huhu. The language with the different type of Characters (not ABC) is quite hard. And I do really3 interested in Korean language. Chommal. But I think the priority is Mandarin. Then I want to learn Tamil, if I can. Then I have to think bout it. Maybe Thai, Phillipines or Hindi hehe. I dunno why I’m not interested in Japan, French or Latin.

But let me think bout it later, or research and listen to the other language of the worlds. Maybe there’s a small country with the good language. I want to know them. Just like Malaysia. Sometimes I wonder, how’s my own language as it heard by foreigners? Because I’m inherited it. I just can’t imagine. I'm so struck with amazement and admiration to people who can speak 4 language or more. Even 3 like me, I'm barely can't manage it.

I love language experimental. I love language stuff. I love language exercise. Now I'm tutor for my housemate, Cik Ainum who took IELTS in order to fly to Indonesia (UI/UGM). She's getting better. Of course not becoz of me. It's becoz she take it at British Council. Pay more and you get more. Of course laa nowadays...She said her biggest fear from childhood is learning English. i dunno that feeling..huhu
Next sem it's Najlaa's turn. She book me. Haha, quite I'm not talented competent enuff. Really.

To those who hate language stuff, try to love it. Maybe i love literature stuff so i love language stuff. Who is literature without language??  Weird. But  not to love literature is also OK. It's a selection. But believe me, literature can bring you closer to Allah Insya Allah.

I'm now colouring my dream, my planning to be a DJ. Is it value enuff? Is it equivalent enuff? Is it competent enuff? Is it deserve enuff? Is it valuable enuff? Is it worthy enuff?

Let me figure out first by asking Allah. Let the time judges...
Wal 'Asr...
English DJ of IKIM of course! hehe

Have u ever dreamt the same dream repeatedly?
Well I do... I wanna share with you..
I'm getting older and i'm getting dreamt of it... more frequently..
I dreamt I'm deliver speech to people
Sometimes to youth who was playing football.
Sometimes to non-Muslim.
I had an argument... I had a talk.. I had a preach..
It still crystal clear in my mind.
In English...Malay and sometimes in Arabic.

That's why I getting ashamed of my own self.
My own talented. I'm getting ashamed to dictionary... to my notes..
to Besta.. and to that language stuff..
I'm getting ashamed of Facebook, Friendster..
Just wandering around without doing the good job.
Something benefit to Islam. Even I myself already know this type of Cyber-Community link to Jewish, Chtistianity..

Friends, pray for me. Who am I without thee....?


  1. InsyaAllah..

    saya doakan semua impian itu tercapai..
    memang dari dulu lagi dah kagum dgn kelebihan fizah tentang bahasa..
    masa rayer aritu, saya tengok sekali lagi medal tu kat almari umah fizah.

    huhu..all da best,ya..

  2. Huhu..tq G-roh kusayang
    Semoga G-Roh sukses juga.
    Menjadi Murabbiah Ummah
    Insya Allah :)