cute ustajah (^_^)

I like drawing. From childhood until now!
I have a sketch book for every season.
From childhood until now.
When the page is over, I got another one.
Till now, I got lots of it.

When got the time I sketch in it.
During school time, I even using water colour, poster colour etc.
So careful and determined.
Sometimes takes some weeks and month to finish it.
So much time.
Really miss my old me.

The times being so jealous of me.
Or I'm being jealous of time.
By killing it vigorously, arbitrarily.

Or perhaps.
I got some other ways of so-called 'matured' way of hobbies (?)
Like watching movies, bowling, shopping etc (?)

But I still want to recall my memories.
Though I just can sketch slightly. Small things always move my heart ;) And drawing, ease my burden heart!
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  1. baca entry kkak, sy jd senyum sndiri..
    sbb sy sma spt kak masa zaman skolah..
    suka lukis2 bgini..