Big Bad Book Sale.. Really Bad!!

By Syahadah Hafeezah - December 22, 2009

Really bad... chommal... I got astonished..amazed..struck with the view in front of my eyes..
the people..the sale...the book..the price..the varieties!
RM 8 per book. Where on earth to get. The new and latest books :)
Went there on the 1st day of the sale.
It's a day before Eid al Adha, the afternoon before i went back to hometown with Ayah Wan.
The 360 Degrees Leader also The Body Toxic are among the books that I bought.
Together with 1 Buku Masakan (Really Holistic :), Mother and Friends (Family Novel), Vampire Kisses 1: Blood Relatives (Comic), Why Women Talk and Men Walk (Motivation) and Train Your Mind (Motivation).
Bila nak habis baca semua... huhu..Buku dulu-dulu pun banyak lagi...:P
Dik Pija help me!

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