Talib al-Habib =)

Just love all the nasyeeds from al-Fadhil Talib al-Habib,
just like all the nasyeeds from al-Fadhil Muhammad al-Husayn,
al-Fadhil Sami Yusuff and al-Fadhil Maher Zain.
In here, i just give some of his nasyeed, dedicated especially to
all of you who came to read this post =) Thanks!~

Dedicated to ALLAH our Eternal LOVE =)
Subhaanallah.. Even the video was amazing... =')

This one dedicated to all students fisabilillah... especially to ME!!~ (T_T)
with the message..

"Shakautu ila Waki` su'a hifdhi
wa arshada-ni an tark al-ma`asi
wa akhbara-ni bi anna ilman nur
wa nur Allah la yu`ta al-`as"
"The great Imam ash-Shafi', he went to his teacher Waki`

Complaining about the weakness of his memory.
He told him, 'abandon rebellion (maksiat), for knowledge is a light
And the light of Allah is not bestowed upon a rebel (ahli maksiat)."


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