Friday, April 1, 2011

♥ Give us REAL FREEDOM ♥

The real lyrics is quite different from the last time that I post.
But it's OK, not so much deviated =)

Alhamdulillah, Mabruk for Akh Maher, just got his first baby girl, name Aya (^_^) 

As usual, Maher Zain's songs always make my spirit coming back!~ 
Sent shiver to my spine!~
Sent tears to my eyes....
Make my heart tremble in conscious and love  
Especially this song.....!

Real Freedom for all ~
Real Freedom for Ardhul Islam ~ 
Freedom for Palestine!!
Prophet Muhammad SAW and Islam: Rahmatan Lil Aalamin (Blessings for the world)

Ooo Allah please bless us!
Give us Real freedom, Give us Hurriyyah..
Freedom from our past sins...
Freedom from our evilness of the soul....  
Freedom from this trap of this beauty yet a liar world..!
Freedom from harsh torment in black grave...
Freedom from the sore flame of Hell.....
Freedom from Your Anger... 

Give us strength and power to FREE this world!
FREE from any astray and deviation from Your Path!

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