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Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh My Wisdom Tooth! =D

Oh My Wisdom Tooth  =D =D =D
Yep, I'm smiling here, but hardly enough in real life.
Just can make 'goat smile'
I'm quite in dizzy, quite in pain...
Every single moment, every single time.
Because of my wisdom tooth! =)

Finally, my 32nd tooth will come out.
Hope so.
And really hope it doesn't get impacted ~
Or sticking out ~
Or inflamed ~
Because it still have the space to fit in =)

Last year, my 31st tooth was coming out.
And it cause me fever also.
I have to bear the pain.
Head ache....
Gum ache...
Lost appetite..
More than before.
And I think, I never feel this kind of pain before.
And in fact, when our teeth were in pain, all our body and mode will in pain ~
Just like our 'Brotherhood' in Islam. (read: Ukhuwwah)

But it's OK.
Nan Apado Gwaenchanayo ~
I'm ready
I'm pleased
And I'm will
Cause everything happen is from My Lord  
Cause everything happen for a reason  

Hope this is the last pain about my teeth =)
Because I really treasure it
I really take care of it
I really love it.

So now, I have to endure it
Despite of my hectic life
Tutoring - teaching - researching - reading - writing -  running programme - presenting paperwork - etc

I learn lots from these wisdom teeth
Especially this last one.
It gives me wisdom =)
So much wisdom.
Maybe that's why it was called 'wisdom tooth'
Walaupun ia sangat kecil dan tersorok di belakang, tidak berapa berfungsi/berperanan secara spesifik, namun mengabaikannya ternyata memberikan kesan yang parah!

I learn that, in our life we must take care even the simplest smallest things~
We can't take those 'small' things for granted
Always and forever.
- Sebagai contohnya, bila kita menjumpai haiwan seperti anak kucing mahupun anjing sekalipun, yang kelaparan, dahaga, kehujanan atau kesejukan, kita harus membantunya dan merawatnya.
- Sebagai contoh lagi, kita sering berpapasan dengan makcik cleaner yang membersihkan dan menyapu tangga/pejabat kita, kita tidak harus mengabaikannya, atau bersikap tidak mesra kepadanya, atau tidak menegurnya kerana merasakan strata sosial nya yang tidak sepadan dengan kita
- Sebagai contohnya lagi, kita sering mengunyah gula-gula, mengambil makanan tinggi kandungan MSG, berminyak dan bergoreng, makanan segera seperti KFC, McDonalds dan sebagainya, sedangkan kita tahu ia memberi kesan jangka panjang kepada kesihatan kita, seharusnya kita menguatkan azam kita untuk tidak mengambilnya malah meninggalkannya.
- Sebagai contoh lagi, kita memilih dan membiasakan mendengar lagu-lagu bernada cinta yang membawa kita jauh dari Allah, yang dinyanyikan oleh para aasi (pembuat maksiat, pendedah aurat dan sebagainya) berbanding lagu-lagu nasyid yang membawa kita mengingati Allah, apatah lagi bandingannya dengan mendengar alunan al-Qur'an dari imam dan ulama yang takut pada Allah, yang takut berbuat maksiat, dan mendengarnya membuahkan pula pahala kepada kita.
- dan banyak lagi contoh-contoh lain. You know yourselves for real! =)

This is some story about 'Wisdom Tooth'
Just read it here (Wikipedia)

But I really want to share this part =)

1) Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. (so, I'm not being late yet! hehe ~ 
2) They are generally thought to be called wisdom teeth because they appear so late – much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are presumably "wiser" than as a child, when the other teeth erupt.

Different terms in other languages ( I ♥ Language!)

Some languages use a different term for the same teeth, for example:
  • In Arabic, the wisdom tooth is called (Dors el Aql) or (ضرس العقل) meaning "tooth of maturity" or "the adulthood tooth".
  • In Dutch, the name is "verstandskies". In Belgian-Dutch, it is called "wijsheidstand", both literally translate into "wisdom tooth".
  • In Greek, it is called "Φρονιμίτης" (fronemEtis) or "σωφρονιστήρας" meaning the disciplinarian, someone who demands conformity to rules and forms.
  • In Turkish the term refers directly to the age at which wisdom teeth appear: it is called 20 yaş dişi (20th year tooth).
  • In Korean, its name is sarangni (사랑니, love teeth) referring to the young age and the pain of the first love.
  • In Japanese, its name is Oyashirazu (親知らず), literally meaning "unknown to the parents," from the idea that they erupt after a child has moved away.
  • The Indonesian term gigi bungsu for the last teeth a person cuts refers to bungsu, meaning "youngest child", because the teeth erupt so much later than the others, implying that the teeth are "younger" than the rest.
  • In Thai, the wisdom tooth is called fun-khut (ฟันคุด) "huddling tooth" due to its shortage of space.
  • In Kannada it is known as Konne Daudae Hallu — Daudae means end of the jaw line, Konne last, Hallu tooth — literally, "The last tooth."
In Malay, the term is GIGI BONGSU also!~

Syahadah, selamat menjadi matured! Ngeeee~  
And Alhamdulillah, also with the help of my favourite medicine sejak dahulu, PIL IMT by HPA! - I hope I can pass this condition successfully without taking modern chemical medicine =)

My teeth has been complete.
Hope each of them will last long enough till my good old days =D
And I'm waiting for 'my other half' to be completed by ALLAH
Insya Allah... 
Aamiin ~

Villa Mujahidah
Friday - the day that I Love Most!
0245 pm, while listening to Surah Ar-Rahman..
"Fa bi ayyi aalaa'i Rabbi kuma tukazzibaan....??
(Maka nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan...??)
And I will answer: Tidak ada satu pun nikmat dariMu yang mampu hamba dustakan...
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haalin wa fi kulli haalin wa ni'mah ~

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